Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do You Want a Home Business?

Don't let ANYONE tell you it will be easy and within 15 minutes you will have money coming in! That is exaggeration! NO, IT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!

There are trustworthy mentors on the web AND their are guys who are trying to get rich at your expense!

I have tracked down many of the honorable internet marketers and others that are not.

I will be listing here not only the links to the businesses that I have been impressed with from experience, but also the tips which I have found to be true.

One example, in about 6 months to 1 year of marketing church software and hardware products on the web, we were probably at about page 10 - 20 in Google.com. I say 10 -20 because it varied as we tried different strategies.

Then when we found some internet marketers that actually had something more than the gift of the PRINTED gab, I learned some techniques that put my site [now sold to my partner, Wally Dalziel] www.churchpower.com on PAGE ONE of Google.com for two of the main products sold!

Those products are EasyWorship [worship song and presentation song database] and PowerChurch Plus software [church financial and membership management software]!

If you do a search today for either name EasyWorship or PowerChurch you should find www.churchpower.com on PAGE ONE! It has been for the last 6 - 8 months every time I checked. If you check and it is not there, then please email me at charles at cpedley.com [Change 'at' to the "@" sign. Done this way to eliminate bots which steal email addresses!] and let me know that I was wrong! Bet I won't hear from you!

Wally is working to get the other products he sells up to page one as well! Namely LiveWorship, MediaShout, ChurchWatch and Worship Him.

Now I occasionally sell through him and get a commission. In order to do that I set up
www.church-software-store.com .

And you should see that within the last few months I have been able to get www.church-software-store.com up to PAGE ONE of Google.com as well for at least for one of the above products. Anyway because of obtaining PAGE ONE STATUS AT GOOGLE.COM, in 2006, we sold software to Sweden, Israel, South Africa, and the U.S. military base Catholic Parish in Seoul, Korea!

In addition we sold about 35 to 40 copies of EACH of EasyWorship AND PowerChurch Plus software! Now I am not telling you exactly what the profit is but let us say that accounted for a profit of AT LEAST $7000 clear in 2006!

There are those who would claim you can make that in a week or a day! Some may but it is NOT BY SUDDENLY BUYING THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR PRODUCT THAT WILL DO THAT FOR YOU. Remember these guys who claim that and are not lying to you, have been at this FOR YEARS! They have probably months if not years of failures before they got to page one!

More later....